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dzc澳门电子城 provides full-服务 protection to the campus community through the 公共安全办公室 which operates 24 hours a day, 一年365天. Safety officers patrol campus 24 hours a day with an emphasis placed on crime prevention and education.

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The 公共安全办公室 has direct oversight responsibility for all operational and administrative aspects of campus safety and security. In conjunction with the 办公室 of the President, the office endeavors to provide a safe environment for all faculty, 工作人员 and 学生 in which to work and learn.

Public safety employs four full-time 工作人员 members and a number of student officers.


Dial 911 on any phone located in a classroom or office to make an emergency call.

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Old Main 251

Thurston County 紧急 Dispatch Service
For all emergency situations requiring police, fire or medical aid: 

For non-emergency during business hours (Mon.星期五., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.):

紧急 phones on campus

The following emergency phones direct dial to Thurston County 911:

  • Yellow emergency call boxes: Arts Building (central pathway), Burton Hall walkways (second floor, 东墙), Marcus Pavilion (front door), 帕森堂(正门), Spangler Hall (front and back doors), 斯潘格勒停车场
  • 蓝色应急灯: Baran Drive (near Meinrad Gaul Drive intersection), Saint Raphael employee parking lot, 帕森斯大厅(停车场), Softball field (parking lot by sidewalk)
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Building 疏散s can occur at any time when a fire alarm sounds or when you receive a notification from campus security. Be prepared and understand what steps you need to take.



于1990年签署成为法律, the Clery行为 (The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act) requires all 大学 and universities that are a part of federal financial aid programs to disclose information about crime on or in the vicinity of their campuses.



圣人保健 of Saint Martin’s is a student support network bringing together campus partners—faculty, 工作人员, families and 学生—to foster the 成功 of each student in their navigation of campus life. 教师, 工作人员, 学生, and community members are welcome to submit a 圣人保健 Report for any 原因.